Finding your place in the eye of the storm- Salty Impulses April 2019

....especially for you from the cosmos of Salts....

What is the energy in April 2019 about?

We move on into the New Age.

For many of us it feels like a wilde ride on energy waves, which seem to be not controllable.

Some souls decide to leave suddenly. Unexpectedly becomes normal.

This month it’s all about finding and taking the right place - inside and outside - on this journey through the storm. The waves are high and if you are right into them, it might feel like you are drowning in the „whirlpool“ of emotions and the rush of overtaking events around you.

You have to make it to the „eye of the storm“, this is the absolute calm center of a hurricane. This is the only place where you are safe of the destructive power of the storm. The Salt Impulses and the Mediations will help you to find this place. 

Mediation: Being unshakable in the eye of the storm.  

  • Forecast on the themes of the month

    The storm pushes you to be honest to yourself: Where does your journey go to? Are you aware about it?


  • Where are the obstacles? Where the solutions?

    Being unshakable through devotion.


  • Focus

    Love. love. love. Choose love in every moment, even if you don’t really know what love is. 

  • Your every day goal: I AM HAPPY, I AM LOVE, I AM LIGHT!

    Remember: At the end of all days the only thing that counts is: „Are you love, are you light?“

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  • You can listen the Salt Healing Meditation "forever"! It's not only for this month!

Salt shows you your value. It awakens the longing in you to be yourself. Because you are worth it...

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  • 1 mp3 Salt Impulse April 2019: "Finding your place in the eye of the storm"
  • 1 mp3 Salt Healing Meditation: "Being unshakable in the eye of the storm."
  • 1 mp3 A short introducion: What is Salt?


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Salty Impulses - your pure and powerful monthly guideline follow the call of your soul!

You are looking for clear guidance and an inspiration for the whole month? Here it comes - support for YOU! Salt energies are the new communication tool of the Golden Age - they operate in an unique way, fast and crystal - salty clear, what the main theme is about. By listening to the "Salt Impulses" of the month and the included meditation you will be surprised with a deep healing and opening for yourself. What especially for you is possible will be stimulated. For everybody in a different and individual way. This is Salt. It brings the BEST and MOST UNIQUE from you to the surface. Stop hiding start to shine. Always. Guaranteed.

Salt is peace. Salt is innovation. Salt is love. Salt IS.

Recognise yourself in the Salt. OM.

My clients say - about the Salt and me:

"Thank you dear Salica!
It is wonderful to listen to your voice. It is easy to follow you, as you have a very clear and pleasant voice. Thank you for the impulses and for touching me with love inside of me.

Love and Thanks, EliSara"

(feedback for Salt Impulse)

EliSara Irene Suess
EliSara Irene Suess

Salica is an exquisite spiritual guide, she was there politely and patiently in every step I took.

Tilasa Digeni
Tilasa Digeni fb: @tilasadigeni

"Light Salts have a magic way to penetrate us deeply. So they dissolve all the darkness and communication structures which does not function any more."

Mata Rui Karatza
Mata Rui Karatza

„Hi Salica, you have recorded a great meditation for Mach. It is very deep and soothing. For my intestine it was very healing. Thank you. I like it very much that you are doing this. Kirm“

Kirm Stentenbach
Kirm Stentenbach

Thinking of my spiritual path I could wholeheartedly say, that Salica was my midwife. I totally trust and respect her, that with such humility and devotion guided me back to my inner core.

Alinea Smaragda
Alinea Smaragda

„The Salt Meditation gives me deep peace and serenity. The levels of Salt are touching me in my whole being and accompany me through the day. Your calm and clear voice makes it easy to follow your words and to let myself in the meditation journey. „

Thank you dear Salica,


Esra Dissertori
Esra Dissertori

NO compromises any more, you are invoked to be 100 % YOU!

Golden Age invites you, to live yourself! NOW!

Many of us have to face huge challenges in every part of our being and also earth is going through big changes which also have an impact on us. The monthly "Salt Impulses" are a huge support to find and to follow the best possible path for you through the jungle of possibilities, decisions to take and obstacles. The "Salt Impulses" are "live" recorded from the source of Salt wisdom - the eternal information memory beyond time. Just listening to the "Salt Impulses" connects you deeper with yourself and of course it also offers you hints for the energy of the month. Well prepared you can act accordingly and you know when it is good to take a time out or to push. You always have a free will within the possibilities. If you unite your free will with the plan of your soul life becomes much easier - and more pleasant! The meditation for the month from the Cosmos of Salt reconnects you always with yourself and your path, no matter how life rocks you at the moment. It is healing and blissful and remembers you to your deeper goal behind all the daily struggles: you are happy, you are love, you are light!

Do you have the feeling that your life breaks up in pieces?

  • Are you looking for a guideline which helps you to come through this time?
  • Do you feel, that the old way of living does not fit anymore, but you can´t see what is the new way?
  • You really burn to be yourself and to express yourself?
  • Do you often feel disorientated, sad or lost?
  • Do you switch between fear and joy?
  • You are longing for peace, love and easiness?

What is Salt Reading?

Sure you have heard about Astological forecasts for the new year, but Salt Readings?Salt knows everything - also about you! It is an infinite information store which includes also the knowledge levels which are important for you to prepare yourself for 2017. This Salt Reading is especially for you - I read the Salt for you! Salt helps you to recognize yourself and to take your place on Earth.

Here you can read more about Salt Readings!

Who is Salica?

I come from the cosmos of Salts to support mankind with the gifts of Salts: to recognize themselves and to follow the call of their soul. My personal misson is: Peace on Earth.

In the "Salica Healing School" I teach the wisdom and the divine healing methods of the Salts!


Salica Geiger

" I read the Salt - for YOU!"

The monthly Salt Impulses are my contribution for you from the Salt worlds - to feel nurtured and loved and to find guidance through Salt power and wisdom!


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